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About the Artist:

Grog Verbeck was raised in the small town of Staatsburg, on the great Hudson River in New York. He is descendant of the Cherokee tribe by way of his mother's full-blooded great grandmother and his great uncle served on the Osage tribal council. Since Grog was a young boy he had an interest in Indian artifacts and life skills including bow hunting, tanning and firestarting. In college he pursued Native American studies and new world archaeology. He made his first arrowhead as a boy and has been addicted to flintknapping as an art for nearly ten years.

Grog Verbeck is a professionally trained chef by trade and runs a private chef service,, in Lake Tahoe, California. Together with his wife and children, he travels between his home in the Sierra mountains and the seaside in a remote bay in Southeast Alaska. In both parts of the world he spends his time knapping in his studio, the peaceful and ever-providing Mother Nature.

Artist Statement:

I love this art because it is a common link between all peoples of all times of all continents. It's the one thing all our ancestors created in order to survive. This is not so with all tools and survival techniques based on the geographical region of the people, but with stone tools there is no exception. We all made them and used them, as a matter of survival.

This primitive skill, in its truest form, is a dying art. It has recently seen a surge in popularity, but in all the world there are very few people alive today who can create a stone point without the use of power tools. This ancient art illustrates the very nature of survival of all people and we will have lost a truly critical elemental art form if the tradition is not carried on.

I want my sculptures to show people the very root of our survival. This craft requires complete attention and has become a form of meditation for me. It keeps me in touch with the natural world that surrounds me and when I'm working I feel able to peer into ancient minds and bridge another time. It gives me answers and ties me to my past.

I strive for recognition by my peers, collectors and students as the best in the world at what I do naturally - flintknap and create lithic art.

I sell my collectible, one-of-a-kind lithic art sculptures at fine art galleries, at selected fine arts fairs and via web site and open studio.

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